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My name is Jo Thompson and I’m so delighted to have you here in my proper home: The Gardening Mind. 

So who am I? Well, most people know me as a garden designer. I sometimes pop up on Gardener’s World. Over the years I’ve even won a few Chelsea gold medals for my work, which to this day still surprises me, truth be told. I’m also a rose obsessive, a Labrador-lover (expect to see lots of my gardening helper Basil here), as well as someone who passionately believes that anyone - and I mean even the most clueless gardener in the world - can become a wonderful plants person. How do I know this? Because that clueless person used to be me. 

I knew nothing about gardening until I hit my 30s. Before that I was a primary school teacher dreaming of a little more space in my tiny west London flat. I found that space by creating a garden oasis on a teeny forgotten terrace that came with the flat. I didn’t do much to it - a few plants, flowers, a couple of chairs..nothing more. Certainly nothing extravagant. It not only transformed my home, but it transformed me. After that I retrained to become a garden designer. That was 25 years ago now, but in that time I’ve accumulated so much knowledge- as well as a hell of a lot garden trivia! But here’s the problem: who do I have to pass it on to? The answer, it occurred to me, is YOU.

So that’s the journey I’d like to take you on in The Gardening Mind. I want to teach you everything I know. But I also want to continue to build this community of garden and nature lovers. I want us to lean on one another. Ask questions. Have the occasional meet-up. Who knows where this will take us? Eighteen months after I started this publication, this still is really only the beginning.

“Hi Jo. I subscribed because I came across your newsletter and thought how refreshing it was to read something that I actually understood! I'm not a complete beginner but I've only really been gardening for a few years and I don't understand a) Latin names or b) have the time of a retired person so I find most gardening related media a bit complex and/or unachievable! I'm so excited to be part of your community. Thank you!”


My main newsletter will go out every weekend and a portion of it will available to all for free. You can share it with friends and across social media if you want to be helpful but really all I ask is that you hopefully enjoy what you read. And if you don’t, you can email me. Free subscribers will also be part of my Gardening Mind community.

For many people, however, you might want to go more in depth and therefore you could become a paid subscriber:


Firstly, paid subscribers allow me to write The Gardening Mind week after week and keep it free for everyone. For that I am beyond grateful. You’re the backbone and without you, it simply wouldn’t exist. That’s the truth of it.

I spend around two days a week on The Gardening Mind, so I hope you see the value of investing around £1 a week in that. I go through my archives and records, I research, I talk to people, I go to libraries and I talk to the experts in my address book, all to ensure that you get the very best advice and knowledge.

So here’s what I give in return to you as a paid subscriber:

The bulk of my writing. Every so often there’s a completely free article, but usually, the key part is reserved for paid subscribers.

Access to all design courses such as Small Garden Design, Border Design, and the new How to Garden series. You can join in at any time.

You’ll be able to participate in our ‘Ask Me Anything Gardener’s Question Time’ section where we have a really good delve into what’s on my mind, and share ideas and inspirations. You can comment, ask questions and yes, you can ask me anything!

A true mixed bag, in this paid-for area there’ll also be further courses going into depth on how I design gardens, tips and advice on garden design and planting ideas, news updates, and some previews of current work.

Excerpts from my recent writing and upcoming books are also included in the paying subscribers area, as well as the latest news and early access to new dates as they are released, for my one-to-one mentoring Meetings, with a discounted price for these.

I’ll also be giving you previews to the Access All Areas section: behind-the-scenes tours of events in the gardening world. Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, and more….. The main point is that being a paid subscriber will be worth it - I need to make it worth your support, and worth your while. It works out at just over £1 a week - and I have committed to ensuring that all the extras you receive are absolutely worth it. All your support so far has enabled me to devote some time each week to creating content for you. I’d love to give you more.



The Gardening Mind continues to receive new Founding Members every month. Founding members enable me to spend even more time working on content. As a Founding Member, you will receive a signed copy of my latest book, The Gardener’s Palette, (and a copy of my new one when it’s published!) plus free access to all Zoom courses and a big discount on all one-to-one mentoring sessions with me, which in the long run works out much cheaper if you decide to have regular sessions.

A founding principle is that for every 100 paying subscribers, I donate a subscription to someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it and who would enjoy it. One you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to let me know if you know that person.

“All the elements go to make up the very best gardening magazine available anywhere, whether in print or online. Here's to another great year with The Gardening Mind! Thanks Jo. :)”

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