Jan 29 • 45M

The Scent of Winter

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Jo Thompson
A little bit about gardens, and a lot about everything else. Two garden designer friends share their tales, some tips and quite a lot of trivia: each week is a ramble along wherever the garden path leads them. Whether it’s Morris dancing or a gritty debate about the merits of biscuits for breakfast, the gentle debates and occasional squabbles are never in danger of being too earnest.
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This week, Nina takes a wander around a witchhazel and poses a controversial question about this winter beauty, whilst Jo delves into Venetian architecture and tries to explain the age-old question of how Venice stays up. There’s definitely an Italian theme, with the biscuit of the week taking a bit of a surprise turn. Listen in to find out Who We Should Be More, and why Brownies carry a piece of string.

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